Who is Walter?

Heather and Josh were on the hunt for a cuddly companion after their wedding and before they opened their restaurant. They knew they wanted to adopt an adult dog that needed a loving home, already had some manners, and didn’t care about their cat Indica. After months of extensive searching, filling out adoption forms, and disappointing emails they were about to give up.  Then they found Walter, a large black and white welsh corgi who had a video (to view click HERE and turn on your sound!) on the Athens Humane Society website, and they knew they had to have him.  He ended up there after Animal Control had discovered him about a month before, roaming the hills of Georgia, and believe  he had been a household pet who had been kicked out.

Heather emailed and called the human society everyday to make sure no one else was going to adopt him.  Finally, almost a week later and the day after their one year wedding anniversary, they were both able to get off work long enough to make the drive to Athens and meet him.   When Heather & Josh got there and met Walter, he was so sweet and happy, they could barely believe their luck.  He jumped right into Heather’s lap and hasn’t left since.  They made the journey home that day with Walter as the newest member of the family.

Walter quickly went from family member to Mascot for Two Boroughs Larder and his face appears on the apparel and is the theme for their Growlers that are sold on site. He also makes special appearances at The Larder from time to time, so if you are lucky one day you might get to meet him. Until then, spread the Walter love with one of their Two Boroughs Larder shirts with his sweet face featured on it.

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