We don’t know about you, but at TBL, we love us some Westbrook brew! That’s why we offer their year round craftily canned brews; White Thai and India Pale Ale.

Fresh Lemongrass and Ginger Root give the White Thai a citrus crisp spiced twist to what would otherwise be considered a traditional Belgian Witbier. We love it with just about everything, but find it’s almost a perfect pair for our Noodle Bowl. Set aside some time every Tuesday for Noodle Night, and don’t be afraid to belly up to the bar and allow us to crack you open a can!

Massive hop flavor and aroma is packed into every can of IPA at the Westbrook Brewery. This highly drinkable brew pairs so well with most of the dishes that come out of our kitchen that its difficult to nail down our favorite match. If you forced us to chose, the Sweetbreads would win the battle. You would win the war by enjoying them together any night of the week!

Westbrook and TBL

Walter would like us to remind you to please enjoy responsibly, and often.

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