Father’s Day is right around the corner! If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for your father figure, we suggest shopping the Larder. While there are plenty of lovely things for the ladies, our shelves are stocked with some very manly possibilities. Here are some gift ideas to guide you along your way:

1. A Prime Cuts apron and some local¬†Pigtail Brands Barbeque Sauce and Marinades¬†are the perfect accompaniment to a Father’s Day Cook Out! Fire up the grill and dress up your dad in the manliest apron you can find! This gift says you care about his clothes, and more importantly, you care about good BBQ.

2. Grab a “Walter’s Pissed” growler and a gift card, allowing your special guy to fill it up with his favorite draft whenever his heart desires some suds.

3. Put our deli slicer to the test by selecting some tasty Charcuterie offerings! Nothing says “I love you dad” quite like some American meatstuffs!

Shop the Larder for Father's Day

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