A Loving Farewell

A Loving Farewell

July 01, 2016

To everyone who has ever supported our dream:

It is with a heavy heart to write that my wife Heather and I have decided to close our restaurant. This is one of the hardest decisions we have ever made, second only to the day we opened the restaurant almost five years ago. We did not come to this decision lightly and we are extremely sad to have to close our doors.

We have never believed in doing anything unless you could devote your entire self to it. This thought process is what drove us as small business owners, but could also be our downfall. We also believe that hard work, love, and respect for our coworkers is what helps a small business to succeed, and we feel that we were successful in every aspect of this. We constantly strive to set an example for this industry and have stood by our beliefs, no matter how hard it became at times.

Restaurant work is not easy. Quality of life is something that we talk a lot about in this industry. Devoting so much time to others comes at a cost; most often to yourself and those you love. It takes dedication, thick skin and a sense of humor, but we would struggle to find a more rewarding line of work. However, we are choosing the commitment we made to each other for our happiness and our well-being.

The countless people we have met over these last five years – many we are proud to call friends - have helped shape us to become people we are proud to be. We hope that in some small way we helped many of them the same way they helped us.

It would take a small lifetime to thank everyone individually for all of the love and support we have received. To our customers: we can’t thank you enough for letting us take care of you. We loved welcoming you into our home.

To our employees, both past and present: some of the most dedicated, hardworking people we have had the privilege of knowing. You are family and turned this tiny restaurant into a home. We love you and could never have done this without you.

Thank you to our Charleston hospitality industry for continuing to push us everyday and to all the farmers and producers who so lovingly dedicated their lives to making us successful. And last but not least thank you to our families who taught us both the value of hard work and set such high standards for us to try and live up to.

Sunday July 31st will be the last day Two Boroughs Larder is open for business, but Heather and I look forward to the future and everything it holds: new adventures, long walks with Walter and more sleep. Thank you Charleston from the bottom of our hearts. We wouldn’t be here without you and are proud to call this amazing city home.

Josh, Heather + Walter

Iberico Lardo

Iberico Lardo

October 25, 2012

We like to stay close to our sources of food. I believe the trendy word for that is "locavores". Thing is... even though our menu is constantly changing, one mainstay is a belief in an ingredient's ability to speak for itself. The farther you are from the ingredient's soil, the more difficult that becomes. Period. It's the difference between saying "Look at this beautiful thing" and "Look at what I did". Perhaps a marriage of the two is the aim, the former being the most important.

Perfect example... our Iberico Lardo with Asian Pears and Arkansas Black Apples. Simple, close to home. Look at this beautiful thing.

Beef & Whiskey Meet+Eat @ The Gin Joint!

Beef & Whiskey Meet+Eat @ The Gin Joint!

October 14, 2012

Beef for your health; Whiskey for your soul.

Join us for our up-coming installation of Meet+Eat Dinners in collaboration with our friends at The Gin Joint!

In a dine-around of sorts, we are teaming up with the spirit mavens on East Bay St. Sunday October 28th to create a 5 Course tasting menu to be paired with 5 Hand Crafted Cocktails for $65.

Buy your tickets online and keep an eye on our blog, Facebook and Twitter for more Larder Happenings!

As our friends in the Joint say, "Drink Proper, Speak Easy!"

Burger Wednesday!

Burger Wednesday!

October 09, 2012

For those of you that have not yet experienced a Burger at the Larder, we'd like to invite you into the loop.

The Burger has popped on and off of our menu here at the Larder for some time, and it's always a hot commodity. In order to leave our menu options open and adventurous, we have decided to make it a weekly special. Every Wednesday beginning at 5:00, our decadent Burger will become available for dine-in guests (no take-out here, this is a very serious Burger) while supplies last.

The details may change, but you're going to get Two Patties on Brioche with Nueske's Bacon and Mornay. Last week it was served with Beer Mustard and a Farm Egg. Next week will have another surprise under it's bun!

Ultimate Critics Dinner

Ultimate Critics Dinner

October 04, 2012

The BB&T Charleston Wine + Food Festival®’s third annual Ultimate Critics Dinner presented by Limehouse Produce took place last night at the lovely at Old Towne Creek County Park in West Ashley.

Selected by a panel of food critics and writers by secret ballot, Josh joined chefs Jeremiah Bacon (The Macintosh), Mike Lata (F.I.G.), Sean Brock (McCrady’s and Husk), Michelle Weaver (Charleston Grill), and Frank Lee (Slightly North of Broad) alongside pastry chef Emily Cookson (Charleston Grill). With Patrick Emerson of Maverick Southern Kitchens leading a team of Sommeliers and Mickey Bakst of Charleston Grill hosting, guests were invited for a first look at the historic 55-acre property previously known as Ashem Farm.

Our Assistant Manager served the event and was able to snap a few discreet photos throughout, so we thought we'd share them with you!